OCEAN Therapies were coined by Serenity Bay Therapies in Summer 2019, with the aim of offering a treatment menu dedicated and focused on treating clients currently undergoing treatment for, or in remission from, Cancer. 
It is our mission to be able to abolish the taboo of "massage isn't safe", and say YES to our clients, doing everything therapeutically in the process of helping you to escape from daily stresses and discomforts associated with treatment and associated side effects.

Oncology Calm Evoking And Nurturing


at Serenity Bay

At Serenity Bay Therapies, we have undertaken extensive training in the field of Oncology Massage, Facials and Nail treatments via specialist training with Jennifer Young: Beauty Despite Cancer, and the Glasgow School of Massage. Accredited and insured via the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists), we are equipped with the knowledge, skill set and products to perform safe and nurturing massage, facial and nail services to those currently receiving treatment for, or in remission from, Cancer.


Oncology Massage is a series of adapted massage, relax and pampering treatments designed to support, nurture and induce a sense of calm and wellbeing within those undergoing treatment for Cancer, or those with a history of previous Cancer. 
These treatments are carried out by a specialised Oncology Massage therapist, who performs the tailored treatment around the needs of the client, in a compassionate, safe and mindful manner.

From Massage, Pamper Packages and Relax Packages to Facials, Manicure and Pedicure (Nail Services launching late 2019),  we structure and adapt the treatment fully around the client using light touch and nurturing products in a peaceful setting. 

Oncology Massage Packages

Pamper Packages available upon request

Full Body Massage


A deeply relaxing and gentle full body massage treatment incorporates a range of movements to calm the mind and body, adapting around areas of Cancer site or treatment areas. A full consultation is carried out prior to all therapies in order to ensure safety methods and adaptations are in place throughout and to allow a relaxing flow of massage. 
We can incorporate cooling compresses into the treatment if need be, in order to cool hot flushes, and also a gentle cooling spritz to the face and scalp to calm and ease irritation.

Back, Neck & Shoulder



Focusing purely on the back, neck & shoulder area, we use gentle oils or balms to evoke deep relaxation of the tissues and encourage deep abdominal breathing throughout.
The treatment can be carried up into the scalp for an intensive relaxation treatment.



Various Cancer treatments can leave the skin looking lackluster, flushed and dehydrated. 
Our facial uses gentle and specialized products designed to nourish and feed the skin from the outermost layers to the tissues below the surface. We incorporate gentle face, decollete and scalp massage into our full facial in order to promote feelings of wellbeing and boost the full complexion. A cooling mist cools flushed areas, and nourishing balm re-hydrates dehydration.

Our chosen product range for all Ocean treatments is Jennifer Young.

The Jennifer Young product range has been developed by Oncology specialists, nurses, Cancer patients and Complementary Therapists.
The product range is aimed at those with very special skincare requirements, and is categorised into 2 ranges:

Defiant Beauty and Beyond Beauty.

Defiant Beauty is designed for and used on clients who are currently undergoing treatment for Cancer. Those who have fiery, red, itchy, sensitive and reactive skin. The products can be balm-based, deeply moisturising, cooling and supportive to the body, face and scalp.

Beyond Beauty is designed for those who are still undergoing treatment, without intense sensitivity, or for those who have finished treatment. 

All Jennifer Young products contain very mild traces of essential oils in safe measures, in order to deliver aromatherapy benefits to our clients.

Nail Services will be launched late 2019, using the Jennifer Young nail enamel range for manicure and pedicure. The polishes use natural pigments in their colours; are designed to colour correct discoloured nails, and are free from many harmful chemicals found in regular enamel.



  • In some cases, we may require written medical consent from a GP or Medical Team. We will always seek written permission from the client prior to contacting a GP for written consent. Clients have the right to refuse consent from the medical team - in this case, they can opt to sign our self-certification disclaimer form agreeing to treatment.

  • We carry out a full consultation with the client prior to each treatment. Questions surrounding Cancer and Cancer Treatments will be asked in order to ensure safety measures are being taken and in order to allow us to adapt the treatment around areas of Cancer sites, Cancer treatment areas, or any other contra-indications. We will also require full details of medication and treatments, including details of recent Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy.

  • ALL Oncology Massage packages involve gentle pressure, and we never conduct firmer, Swedish or Deep Tissue pressures in these packages. All packages will be performed using light-medium pressures. These treatments are designed to relax the body via gentle "lotioning" of the skin, and not manipulation of muscles. Our packages do not work into muscular tension. 

  • Clients undergoing IV Chemotherapy are asked to wait at least 48hrs post-infusion before receiving any of our treatments. Clients receiving radiotherapy in the form of Brachytherapy (or) "hot seeds" are unsafe for treatment until deemed safe by a medical professional.

  • The following conditions are deemed unsafe for treatment, and we ask that full medical consent is obtained, to state that these conditions have fully passed, prior to your visit: Measles, Chicken Pox, Shingles, Conjunctivitis, Any signs of Infection or Fever, High or Low BLood Pressure (as reported by the client as onset since last medical visit), Thrombosis or Embolism, Circulation or Blood Disorders, Illness or Migraine, Nervous System Disorders, Skin Thinning Drugs. Treatment cannot be carried out until medical consent has been given.

  • We ask that clients with any mobility issues, or those who may require any assistance on the day, please make us aware well in advance, in order to allow us to factor in extra time to your treatment allocation, and allow necessary adaptations to be made.