GIFT VOUCHER: Serenity Mama & Baby


Combining the BEST of both worlds for parent & child! 

- Serenity Mama Pamper Package for expectant mum's
- PLUS 2x Private Baby Massage lessons for preparation of the new arrival!

Our pregnancy pamper package is a gentle pamper for expectant mum's after the first trimester of pregnancy. Gentle massage helps with mild tenion, aches and pains associated with pregnancy; fluid retention in the ankles, with the added treat of a skin-boosting facial. 

**This treatment is not safe for expectant mothers within the first trimester, and will not be carried out within the first trimester under any circumstances**


Our Baby Massage Lessons are covered over 2 separate private lessons - **A Gift Voucher for this will be given to the expectant mum during her Serenity Mama pregnancy pamper session**

Baby Massage is fantastic for bonding and attachment for both parent and child - the perfect kick-start on the baby's wellbeing journey. Baby Massage is carried out on dolls, in order to avoid any distractions and allow for the parent to ask any questions without interruption, and to provide the most efficient lesson possible in order for the parent to then carry out the routines at home on the baby, after bath and before bed.

Baby Massage is ideal for the following:
- General relaxation, wellbeing and de-stress 
- Aids sleep and calm
- Bonding and attachment between parent and child
- Post Natal Depression
- Colic
- Constipation/trapped wind
- Digestive issues
- Colic
-Teething pain
- General restlessness and fussiness

Baby Massage can be safely carried out on babies from their final jags, up to crawling stage.

Full manuals with routines, photo's, information on aromatherapy , gentle stretches, massage for specific ailments, and relaxation techniques are provided and available to take home after the 2nd and final massage lesson session.

(Please note, the 60 minutes duration specified in this booking is purely for the pamper package).

Serenity Mama & Baby


    Gift Voucher valid for 1 year. 

    Treatment CAN be changed to another treatment, subject to 24+ hours notice being given, and subject to availability.

    Voucher MUST be redeemed before expiry date.

    Expiry date CANNOT be extended under any circumstances.

    24 hours cancellation policy applies, otherwise voucher subject to forfeiture.

    Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, nor refunded.


    We highly recommend booking treatment well in advance of the expiry date, as some months book up very quickly, and we cannot be held liable for vouchers missing the expiry period.


    Voucher will be dispatched within 2-5 working days.

    For prompt e-Vouchers, please send us a mail via Facebook or e-mail: with your order number, and we will e-mail a bar-coded e-Voucher to you for printing. e-Vouchers are generally sent within 24 hours.