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From Gift Vouchers to Auroma candles and wax melts produced in-house, or beautifully natural skin and bodycare products by Tropic, the most perfect gift of relaxation awaits!...




Hand poured soy wax candles and burner melts

Bring your favourite fragrances to life with a hand made soy wax candle or burner melt. 

Choose from aromatherapy blends to help induce deep sleep and relaxation; a blend of enchanting oils to evoke a spa-scented atmosphere, or choose the scent of your favourite perfume or aftershave from our list of available fragrances.

All of our candles and melts are made with organic  soy wax. Traditional paraffin candles have been known to release toxins into the surrounding air, which can cause pollution in a room, eventual build-up of smoke, and induce headaches. Soy wax is a natural, plant-based product which burns clean, burns at a lower temperature thus holding a fragrance for longer, and does not contain any harmful toxic ingredients. 


Simply select your choice of melt pack or candle from the options below, then select your chosen scents!



The perfect essentials to help you to take the Serenity Bay experience home for your private little spa retreat!...


Introducing our new chosen range of skincare, body care, hair care and make-up! Tropic is our chosen brand for serenity bay treatments, and products are available to order for home care!